At the moment I’m currently busy writing tracks with gospel vocalist Ley Adewole. There will be snippets of our songs uploaded over the following weeks.


I have a busy schedule of gigs and rehearsals throughout the year. See gigs page for dates.


I’ve recently bought a Focusrite ISA One preamp with digital card for the studio and a Hammond XK1 for live use after my old faithful Roland VK7 finally gave up.


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9 01 2010

Well I’m currently in the middle of overhauling my studio!
I am aiming to have a decent quality setup for tracking vocals, acousitc/ electric guitar and upright/electric bass. Drums will be done via a Roland TD20 triggering either Addictive Drums or Superior 2.0.

Firstly I am getting my room acoustics sorted and am getting a vocal booth built. After that I would like three channels of good quality preamps :-

Golden Age Projects PRE73 ( Neve colored )
Focusrite ISA One ( neutral )
True Systems or Grace M101 ( very clean / transparent )

After that I would like to add buy a few more vsti’s ( especially a brass vsti ) and a few more bits n’ bobs of hardware and I’ll be set!!

So far this is where I’m at :-

1/ Upgraded Cubase SX 3.1 to Cubase 5.1
2/ Added second monitor + upgraded graphics card to run two monitors.
3/ Bought Scarbee Jay Bass
4/ Added NI Komplete 6
5/ Bought Stillwells The Rocket and Vibe EQ
6/ Sold M-Audio Tampa and bought Golden Age Projects PRE-73

There are still a few things I would like to buy this year :-

1/ XLN Audio Jazz and Funk AD Paks
2/ Shure SM7b
3/ Vir 2 Mojo
4/ True Systems P-Solo or Grace M101
5/ New Audio interface ( maybe )
6/ Upgrade cpu + add a silent fan

I’ll be updating this page to let you know how I’m getting on!!!

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